Baby Zilli Food Review

I was recently sent 4 packets of Baby Zilli food for my 6 month old Oliver to try.

Zilli Baby was created by celebrity chef Aldo Zilli and entrepreneur Dean Dunham, after working together for 2 years, combing their efforts and knowledge of children and food they set about researching and creating nutritious organic baby food.

The logo on the baby food pouches says

“Good enough for mamma and papa to eat”

I am very eager to have a taste myself. I am a fan of Aldo Zilli’s food points to cookbook sitting on the bookshelf, so even before testing the food my expectations are high.

The baby Zilli range was launched in January 2011, selling in Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado, Babies ‘R’ Us, Budgens, Amazon and Whole Foods.

Their baby food range covers 6 categories:

  • Stage One – From 4 Months
  • Stage Two – From 6 Months
  • Stage Three – From 9 Months
  • Brekkie – From 6 Months
  • Puddings – From 9 Months
  • Drinks – From 12 Months

With each packet of food promising

  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Additives
  • No E Numbers
  • No Added Salt or Sugar
  • Non GM
  • No Bulking Agents


I was very happy to be feed them to my baby, I like to give Oliver food that is the nearest to home made food as possible, with this food range I don think I will be let down.

Each pouch of food is made of foil with a screw lid, so if baby does not eat all of the food from the packet you can replace the lid and place into the fridge where it can be stored and keep for up to 48 hours.

The designs on the packets are eye catching with the bright and bold colours and a little Aldo Zilli cartoon character on them, making them fun and quirky.

We took a pouch out with us on a visit to our local restaurant, it’s the perfect size and shape to slot into our changing bag without making it feel heavy and bulky. And if your like me, and forget to take along a feeding bowl, you can just squirt out the food directly on to a spoon.

We tried the Tutti Frutti Mix first from the stage one range, this is made with peaches, bananas and apricots, it’s very vibrant in colour and smells fresh. Oliver loved it and even tried to grab the spoon off of me and feed himself. Some of it landed on my finger, so obviously I had to lick it off and I must say I was pleasantly surprised, it was delicious! He made quite a mess with eating this and it got all over his clothes an I am delighted to say that it washed out on the first try. This made me one very happy Mamma!

Next we tried the Potato & Lamb Stew, a blend of vegetables and mint from the stage two range. This being from 6 months and upwards was quite textured and certainly tested his taste buds. It is strong in flavour and smells divine, just like home made food. I was very impressed with the taste, it was quite mature with a strong taste of mint, definitely not bland.

A favourite of Oliver’s was Aldo’s Fruit Brekkie made with rice, pears, peaches and milk. I couldn’t get the food into his mouth quick enough, he constantly licked his lips for more and at one point i thought he was going to suck the spoon out of my hand, he really enjoyed it. When all the food was gone he cried for more.

I would highly recommend this range of food from Baby Zilli, the pouches are ideal for food on the go, fresh tasting, delicious, good quality and as the logo says “Good enough for mamma and papa to eat” I would have to agree.

Baby Zilli also run a weekly competition where you can enter a picture of your baby eating one of the Baby Zilli dishes. To enter your baby all you have to do is email a picture of your child eating one of the Baby Zilli dishes to amanda@dunhamgroup The winning baby will receive a goodie bag! Terms & Conditions apply

I’m going to enter my baby, Why don’t you?


Why not follow Baby Zilli on Twitter @babyzilli



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