Your Companion forever!

I wish i could take away your pain and lock it away forever

I wish i could fill your emptiness and space that has been left with more love and happiness

I wish i could comfort you! I can feel your pain but just have no idea what to do!

I want to be your rock and show you that all will be ok!

The pain and hurt that you are feeling will eventually fade and lesson but the love and memories will shine through and become stronger

Please don’t cry! Please don’t shed any more tears!

Your decision was tough but it was the right one and you did what was best for him, he is no more pain!

You gave him a brilliant life, filled with love and happiness! You walked him everyday, you cooked him special meals!

He was your companion, your best friend, your family, a big part of your life!

Please remember the good times that you had with him, the walks that you went on, the places that you visited, the games that you played

BUT most importantly remember that you are not alone in this sadness, he has left a gap in all of our lives a gap that will never be filled by any other dog. My heart is still warm for him and always will be!

He wasn’t just a dog, he was our life!

He may be gone but memories last forever, he lives on in you and everyone else.



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