Yesterday was an extremely emotional day for the family as it marked the end of an Era for the eldest boy, of whom it was his last day as a junior school child as in September he goes up to year 7 in senior school. Most children enter their new senior school with fellow friends that they have known for  8 years as they have gone through Nursery, Reception, Infants and Juniors with, but Jak is going to a school that is out of his borough and he will have to build new friendships with the fellow year 7 children.

Yesterday Jak waved goodbye not only to his friends but also to the Teachers and Teaching Assistants who he had gone through school with, as he entered the school for the last time as a year 6 pupil, carrying with him presents for the staff, he held his head up took a big gulp and walked in through the doors. 6 hours later he exits through the same doors with wet cheeks as he cried tears of happiness and sadness. He has made some fabulous friends and I am sure that they will keep in touch.

Yesterday reminded me of his first ever day in Nursery….we had walked into the nursery after being greeted by the teacher and nursery nurse,  he walked away from me and over to the kitchen area as he thought that he had seen a child that he had met in Pre-school. He tapped the boy on the shoulder and as the boy turned round, they both screamed and began hugging each other. I knew then that My first born was going to settle in well at the school and what i saw was the beginning of a very close friendship. Yes they have their moments, they argue, they fight, they don’t talk for days but One thing is for sure is that I know they will miss each other in their new schools.

Yesterday I cried as i watched my boy walk down the street, all grown up yet still looking like my baby boy. He has become such a handsome, clever young chap of whom i am very proud of. As he walked away from me into school I suddenly realised how life can go by so quickly if you let it!

The teachers in the school have taught him so much, he has achieved only what you would dream of….not the impossible as he has rightly proved! Without the persistence and and encouragement from his teachers he would never be as confident as he is, they have backed him in his acting and helped him to achieve level 6 in both teaching assessments and SATs.

Yesterday my first born cried as for 8 years of his life all he has known is Roding Primary and its surroundings, it’s an old school and the children are all quite close together. He said farewell to an important part of his life and now awaits a new and exciting part to arrive.

To My Son Jak, you are amazing and I am truly blessed to have you as my son… Yesterday wasn’t goodbye It was see you soon, Yesterday was the start of a New Era!



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