Words of a 4 year old

Young children say and do the funniest things and because of the innocence of it all, the only thing we do in response is laugh.

My 4 year old is a prime example of this, here are a few conversations I have had with him

While putting some foundation and blusher on one morning:
‘Mummy what are doing’
‘I’m putting make-up on’
‘oh, will make that you beautiful then’
I wished Joseph lol

Joseph asked me to make him a sandwich, I told him I will make it once I had finished the washing up
‘Daddy’s naughty!’
‘Why do you say that’ I replied
‘Because he doesn’t ask you for food he just takes it’

At a restaurant, joseph’s older brother was eating some ice-cream but Joseph was still eating his noodles,
He offers Jak a noodle and says
‘I share food with people I love’
Jak says thank you and takes the noodle, smiling at me
Joseph then says to Jak
‘Don’t you love me, Jak?’
(Joseph wanted his ice-cream)

While I was pregnant with his baby brother, he told me that he had a baby in his belly too and that it hurt him and made him feel sick, bless him.

Joseph closed his eyes and asked me if I could see him
‘yes’ I said ‘Why’
‘Because when I close my eyes I can’t see you’

Joseph came running down stairs shouting, telling me that he had drawn me a lovely picture, ‘Follow me’ he said, leading me to his bedroom. He was so excited, I couldn’t wait to see what he had drawn as Joseph doesn’t normally do drawings
‘Look mummy’
‘Where’ I said looking around his room for the paper that he had drawn on
‘Over there’ he said, pointing to the wall above his bed

‘I don’t ever want to grow up mummy’
‘everyone has to grow up joseph’
‘Well I want to live with you forever’

‘When I become an adult and get old will I have lines on my face like you do?’

Joseph thought he see a teacher of his at the local shops, so he ran over to her shouting out her name, the lady ignored him at first, but after hearing Joseph shouting really loudly she turned round. At this point Joseph was very close to her. When she turned round, he looked at her and came running back to me and started crying. I asked him why he was so upset, he saud that’s nor my teacher. Poor thing!

Their will be many more to come, watch this space….

If you have had any conversations with your little ones just like what I have had with Joseph please do share with me.



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