Why O Why!

Everytime I walk past you and see you there, leaning up against the wall in the kitchen I try to ignore you, pretend that I didn’t see you, but the more I ignore you the more you play on my conscience.

I see you growing day by day and just hope that one day you will just stop and stay the right height,who am I kidding that will never happen.

You haunt me everyday and you never go away, your always there, staring at me, in utter disorder.

The taller you grow the less you can stand upright, your posture is terrible. Showing off your smalls, you have no morals, you don’t care who looks at you.

I wish I could feel a tiny bit of love for you but to be honest It’s so hard to get on with you. You make me feel inadequate, not sufficient enough to meet your needs.

Your forever wanting my attention and you leave me feeling drained, just one look from you and I feel exhausted.

Your not happy with just half hour of my time, oh no! You require a whole day and when I do give you my attention and spend time with you, it results in utter mayhem with the children. I find you to be selfish, wanting me all to yourself, there’s no family time when your around.

Once I do spend time with you, I do feel better and happy but your back again the next day and the next day demanding more of my time.

Your no good for my health, my back suffers from the time I spend with you. Take yesterday for example I spent 3 hours with you and today I am in pain.

Why o why do you have to be the worst household chore ever!

The never-ending ironing pile!


2 thoughts on “Why O Why!

  1. Ha! I love this. I don’t mind it so much if there’s something good on the tv. But the basket never seems to empty. Bloody boys and all the dirty washing they create.

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