Why is it that……….,?

There are a lot of questions that we all want answers too, some can be explained and some do not make sense at all.

Why is it that whenever I am in a rush to get somewhere I always seem to be stuck behind someone that is going slower than a snail?

Why is it that when the bus stop is filling up with more and more people waiting for a bus to arrive, you wait for 15 minutesfor one to arrive but 3 pull up all at the same instead?

Why is it that out of all of the carriages on the train I get on the one that is the busiest and to top it off stays as packed throughout all of my journey?

Why is it that when i join a queue at the till in the supermarket I always seem to have someone in front of me that wants to pay with their pennies?

Why is it that as much time I spend on my time keeping and planning my day hour by hour I am always in a rush?

Why is it that if someone tickles you you can go into a fit of giggles but you can never tickle yourself?

Why is it that whenever I walk pass the chippy or anyone that is eating chips from a chip shop and I smell the vinegar Does it make me want to go buy my own?

Why is it that whenever I see a sign saying ‘Do not press’ I get a sudden urge to push the button or even better ‘Wet paint’ and I just want to touch to see if it is still wet?

Why is it that I always get an itch when my hands are full?

Why is it that I have loads of odd socks and have no idea where their partners are. I do my own washing but my ironing basket is full of odd socks?

Why is it that I hardly ever sneeze once but instead I go into a sneezing fit?

Why is it that when I first wake up I can remember my dream vividly but as Time goes by I forget it?

I’m sure I could go on with more why is it that’s but it’s getting late and I’m very tired *falling asleep as writing*.
Do you have any Why Is it that…..? You would like to share? Add them into my comment below I would live to read yours 😉


2 thoughts on “Why is it that……….,?

  1. Love this! Mine is ‘why is it that I wake up tired every morning, promise myself that I’m going to have an early night and then NEVER do?’ – repeat this every day 🙂

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