Why I Love You Wednesday

Your always there for me whenever i need you, whether it be a phone call or a visit

Your hugs are the best and make me feel so warm, cosy and protected

Your always there to give me some advice when needed and even though it may seem to appear that i am not taking it in, I am!

Your more precious to me than words could ever describe

You brighten my life, your my sunshine on a dull and dreary day and my light on a dark night

You warm my heart with the special things you do and say to me, whenever i am feeling down words from you will always cheer me up

You believe in me as much as i believe in you

Your thoughtful, kind, deserving, helpful, special, loving and caring

If i am every to be half of what your are i know i would be on the right track of being a good person

You are why i am here today, I am who i am because of you

I aspire to be you, you are my idol, i look up to and cherish you so much

Not only are you my best friend but your my mummy too

I believe i am the luckiest person on earth to have you in my life


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