Why I Love You Wednesday

You are always there for me whenever i need you

I like it how adaptable you can be, some days you are strong and some you are week, all depending on how i feel

You liven me up when I’m tired, I’m not sure where i would be without you in the mornings

Your so sweet but strong

You make me feel warm and cosy

You are always around when i need you especially when I’m all stressed from running around all day with the boys

You are everywhere i go, at the motorway stopover, at home, in town, up london, at the supermarket, on holiday, just everywhere!

I like how you support me when times are tough

Your social aswell, which is a big thing for me

You can change your appearance to suit different people and can be very flavoursome when needed to be, sometimes spicing my days up.

I Love You Coffee

I’m linking up with Expatbabyadventures for her ‘Why I Love You Wednesday’ Linky, head on over to her blog and read why she loves wednesday too.


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