Why I love You Wednesday

My post today for Why I love You is from my little four year old.

He was asking lots of questions during the week about love, so i noted them down as i do and here they are

Will you always be my mummy? Because I love you and i want to keep you.

Will i always be your baby? Even though you have baby Oliver, I’m still your baby aren’t I? And when i grow up and be an adult i will still be your baby and you will still love me won’t you?

Your special to me mummy and I love for ever and ever and i never want to leave you, I think i am going to live you always, and when i get married i am going to be with you then too.

You make me very happy mummy and i like to make you smile, because when you are smiling it means i am making you happy.

I Love You Mummy!

And I Love You Too Joseph more than you will ever realise

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