Why I love Wednesday! 22/02/2012

I am certainly not loving today because of the terrible, miserable, cold and wet weather that we have had but I am loving it because my baby who was 7 months old yesterday is now standing up against the furniture, with every opportunity he gets he is pulling himself up and standing on his feet. He is a bit wobbly and does get a bit big for his boots and starts to bounce up and down resulting him falling to the ground on his bottom with a thud!
He took his first step whilst holding onto the furniture today and he smiled all the way through doing it, Oh! I do love this boy.
He thinks he is so clever standing there showing off, you can see in his face that he thinks he’s being grown up lol. Now that he is standing up I am not looking forward to the bumps and bruises that come along with him learning to balance himself, but I know I have many years of knocks and falling over to look forward to, if he is anything like his older brothers!


Your such a clever boy,
first it was you sitting up on your own
That made up us whoop with joy,
Oh! My look how you have grown.

Then the crawling began
Following me all over the place
Going as fast as you can
With a big smile upon your face

Now you standing up on your feet
In your cot and up against furniture
Still looking so tiny and petite
What’s next? Who knows? Here’s to your future!

I love you little man

Thank you to expatmammy for the linky 🙂


4 thoughts on “Why I love Wednesday! 22/02/2012

    1. You calling your self a kinky host! I think you have been watching too much in the night garden and upsy daisy has been rubbing off on you lol
      Don’t worry Hun I’m looking forward to next week x

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