Why I am not confident at Driving

To whom it may concern

I woke up this morning after not a very good night sleep as i was fretting about having to drive the car, You see i am not a confident driver and it is people like you that doesn’t help my condition.

I see myself as i good driver, i have also been told by passengers of mine that i drive well

  • I have never had an accident with another car, lampost, tree or kerb
  • I drive at a comfortable speed for me and my three young children in the car
  • I have never had a speeding ticket, although i do not drive under the speed limit i drive at a reasonable speed depending on my surroundings and the road that i am on
  • No i do not pull away at traffic lights and junctions very fast, I pull away when it is safe and i will not cut anyone up just so the driver behind me can get a car ahead/2 seconds further down the road
  • I drive safely as not to put my children in danger

Today i drove to my sisters house, 6 miles away, i was slightly nervous in driving but i was also feeling good about getting into the car as i have had a few previous trips out recently and really enjoyed the drive.

As i approached the traffic lights they turned red so i stopped pulled up my handbrake and put the gears in neutral, the car has a problem with cutting out and as i go to pull away on Amber, i stall the car, clearly my fault, i put my hand up to apologise to you behind me and i start up the car quickly and pulled away. You and one other car get through the lights leaving two behind, SO why do you feel the need to call me names, rant and rave behind you driving wheel, waving your arms everywhere and giving me hand gestures? Yes i stalled the car, Yes i apologised for my actions but is it really necessary to behave in such a manner! Did i really affect the time of your journey that much?

If i was walking down the street and you was behind me and i had to stop because i tripped up or maybe dropped my purse would you hurl abuse at me there and then in public in the eye of other adults and children? Would you swear at me and call me names? I doubt it!

I drove along the road for 5 minutes with you tailgating me, bullying me!

Well let me tell you one thing, I am only human and i do make mistakes but I am a good person and I would never do anything to anyone to cause harm or conflict.



I hope this post doesn’t annoy anyone just needed a little rant 


5 thoughts on “Why I am not confident at Driving

  1. What an absolute idiot. Their aggressive behaviour is in no way a symptom of your driving … it’s something that’s lacking in their abilities not yours. You poor, poor thing. Some people are just awful.

  2. It’s a very good point that what some people will do when they get behind the wheel, they wouldn’t have the guts to do if they were just walking along the street. I don’t let people like that bother me. If they don’t like how I drive, that’s their problem!

  3. This happened to me recently, it was a limo driver. My Hubby was in the passenger seat and neither of us have any idea what I had, supposedly done wrong!? Its ignorance in my opinion x

    1. Thank you for the comment 🙂
      I just don’t understand other drivers sometimes, why behave like that! Some people get behind a wheel and become bullies x

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