Why Are Bogies Good For Us!


Jak here and as my first fabulous fact i will tell you why eating bogies is good for us!

Mum said to start off with something simple so that everyone will know what you’re talking about, and then you can make it more complex, so im hoping you will find this just as interesting as I did.

An Austrian doctor says that if you pick your nose with your finger you can keep you nose far cleaner because your finger can reach places that a tissue or a hankerchief can not reach. But before you get picking and munching make sure your finger is clean as you could get seriously get ill. He also said that if you eat your bogies you could strengthen your immune system which apparently makes your happier than others. When you eat your bogies the bacteria works as a type of medicine when it reaches your intestines which is……FABULOUS!!!!

In conclusion the austrian doctor is right and so it is healthy to eat your bogies and no one can stop you.

Get picking and get a healthy Immune system!

Its your decision!

*This is written by a 9 year old*


3 thoughts on “Why Are Bogies Good For Us!

  1. I’m not 9 but very good Jak! my boy is two and half and is just starting out on his own bogey journey đŸ™‚

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