Where’s it all gone Mum?

It was Oliver’s second trip to the Barbers today and as his hair was getting very long it was in need of a good cut. He has his hair cut before but that time it was just a shape up cut this time he got a real cut!

His hair was getting quite long and even though I adored his hair with a bit of length to it he really needed quite a hit cutting off, every day his hair was getting matted and I was unable to get a brush through it with out him screaming the house down shouting ‘ouch! ouch!’ His hair was unmanageable and need straightening up.


I was a bit apprehensive at first to go for the full chop as he uses his hair as a comforter, twiddling his hands around strands of his hair to get himself to sleep or when he is upset but in order for his hair to get thick it needed to be cut. His hair is still fluffy like it was when he was a baby and he as he is nearly 2 he was in deed ready for a big boys cut.



He still has a bit of length to it so he can still get his little finger twiddling around some of it!

So what does Oliver think of it? Well he went straight for my hair for a Little play as soon as it was cut off and he sat in his buggy on the way home with his head to one side sulking so I’m not he was happy at first but I think he’s getting used to it now. Every time I say haircut to him he looks up at me with a cheesy grin 🙂

His haircut has changed his look, he no longer looks like a baby no more, now he looks like a grown up boy!


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