Where in the world are the GrandParents? John Crane Ltd #grannywoodentop

When the guys over at John Crane set the task for 100 customers/bloggers to take part in ‘Where in the world are the GrandParents’ i immediately stepped forward and took the challenge.

The GrandParents love to travel and John Crane have asked us to take our GrandParent out with us on our day trips, holidays, playing in the garden or in any activity that we do, they want to see how many photo’s they can collate over the summer. They want to see what Grandparent can travel the furthest.

Keep an eye out on my blog, facebook and twitter to see what our Grandpa is getting up to and where he is.

I hace received no prize for taking part in this project, it is just for fun but John Crane may hand out some prizes to the photo’s that make them chuckle the most.

GrandPa has settled just nicely at mumofthreeboys house he has been riding on Thomas the Train, done a bit of his own blogging on the laptop, kept the baby’s cot warm and has been checking out the book shelf for some late night reading.





2 thoughts on “Where in the world are the GrandParents? John Crane Ltd #grannywoodentop

  1. Haha.. That is to funny especially GrandPa blogging. I could just see him jumping on the keys to type what he wants!!
    I sadly missed out but will be keeping an eye on your Grandpa!! xx

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