What was the number 1 hit in the music charts when your baby was born?

I was tagged by the lovely and friendly Whispersinthenightsky to post up the songs that was in at number 1 when your baby was born. I have no idea what was number 1 for any of my bubbas but i am looking forward to finding out and reminising on hopefully some great tunes. I have three children so i will start with the eldest.

Jak was born on 4th September 2002 and the number 1 then was Atomic Kitten- The Tide Is High. Sad but i used to love singing along with this song, onn my own obviously as i sound terrible when i sing.

Joseph was born on the 1st July 2007 and the number 1 then was Rihanna Faturing Jay-Z – Umbrella. Love this song it was at number one for 10 weeks! My son used to sing it to his friend as her name is Ella.


Lastly, Oliver was born on the 21st July 2011 and the number 1 then was JLS-She Makes Me Wanna. I remember my eldest boy loving this song at the time, a very catchy tune.

I really enjoyed doing this tag and finding out what was at number 1 when my bubbas were born, although all very poppy songs i am going to download them all as they have now become my special songs

So now to tag a few more bloggers to participate in this lovely tag..






Looking forward to hearing all of your number ones!


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