What is a lay-in?

Lay in bed

As a mum of three boys i can not remember the last time i got to have a lay in bed in the morning. Even if i have had a drink the night before and i am too tired to be up or even if i am ill, a lay in is not allowed for me.

My boys do not know the meaning of sleeping in in the morning, they are like alarm clocks, without fail they are up by 7:00 wether it be a school day or a weekend.

GONE are the days where i get to wake up to silence and just hear the birds chirping out side

GONE are the days where i get to sleep till 9:00

GONE are the days where the only sound i hear are birds chirping outside

GONE are the days where the pillow is just for my head


…. I get woken up to my boys arguing and shouting at each other

…. I get woken up to the sound of CITV blaring out from the downstairs television

…. I get woken up by a hungry 5 month old who wants his milk

…. I get woken up by a 4 year old trying to push me off of my own pillow

…. I get woken up by a 9 year old singing on the karaoke (this morning it is ‘Last Christmas’)

Dont get me wrong i wouldnt be me without my boys and i absolutely love the sound of their voices, even when they are not up early i get worried and i am in their bedroom checking on them.

My other half (Paul) and myself had the chance of a very RARE night out together at the weekend ( by rare i mean maybe once every year and a half) . It was a works Christmas Do and it was in Peterborough so we got to stay in a hotel for the night. We had been looking forward to it for months, especially having a bit of a lay in in the morning. But guess what we was up by 6:00 and could not get back to sleep as it was TOO quiet. We missed the boys, we missed the noise that we woke up to in the morning, it just didnt feel right.

So i have come to the conclusion that i will no longer get a couple of extra hours sleep in the morning, because i love waking up to the noise and their smiles and i wouldn’t want it any other way.


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