What I have in my handbag! What’s in yours?

My life before I had my beautiful boys was simple, as long as my bills were paid I had nothing to worry about, I never rushed anywhere and was never late for anything and I didn’t have any reason to he stressed.
I could just leave the house in a second as long as I had my phone, keys and purse in my handbag I was ready to go.
NOW I have my boys I feel like my handbag is more like a suitcase, it is mahusive and is jam packed with children’s toys and general ‘mummy’ things.


1. Baby Wipes
2. Stones of all sizes and shapes
3. Miniature Lego figures (some without heads)
4. Cars-all kinds
5. Empty kinder egg cases
6. Plasters/antiseptic wipes
7. Sticky half eaten sweets
8. Arnica Stick
9. Blue Peter badge and membership card
10. One child’s sock

When was the last time you went through your handbag?

What goodies or shocks do you have in there?


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  1. Hmmm..here goes…
    *Half of a candy cane, complete with stuck on fuzz
    *Chapstick with no lid (yuck)
    *Giant lint roller (We have four dogs and the teenagers hate dog fur…Lol!)
    *Baby rattle
    *Old appointment card from The Prince’s last checkup
    *Half of a pencil
    *Cloth diaper pin
    *Water bottle lid (Why do the girls throw their trash in my bag?)
    *Um, I have a baby sock, too…didn’t even know it was missing…which probably means the other one is gone, too.)
    *Someone’s cell phone charger, not mine, of course.

    I have baby stuff and teenager stuff…but none of my stuff. What the heck?

  2. I really really didn’t want to look lol but here goes………
    1. snotty tissue
    2. eww half eaten toffee sort of in its wrapper
    3. couple of those littlest pet thingies
    4. ermmmmm I think that was a dandylion 😕
    5. snail shell (arrgh where’s the snail?)
    6. hair bobble
    7. lots of glitter
    8. keys
    9. purse
    10 phone

    now should I look in little legs’ handbag lol…….

    1. Little legs will have the other half of the snail hehe
      You see what I mean about having children changes everything even the contents of your handbag
      Glad I didn’t pull out a used tissue lol

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