Week Two of Lockdown – Ordinary Moments

Two weeks of being indoors is driving us all a little crazy, but we know that this is the best thing for us to be doing for the health of everyone. We’re missing family, friends, clubs and colleagues.

Our family is normally a very active family, I am either at football training with the youngest or over the park with the boys, the older two boys are usually out running with their friends and club. So we are finding it rather hard to stay at home. We still have our daily walks with the dog and we tend to do this earlier on in the day or later in the early evening.

Week two of home learning went a little bit better than the first week, we seemed to have settled into some sort of routine. The older two boys just get on with the work set for them and I spend the time with the youngest.

We have done lots of home baking this week and I have a new found love in TikTok. This app is fabulous and we have been having lots of fun with it. Well, I have been having lots of fun filming the boys and begging them to join me. They just look at me and shrug their shoulders and raise their eyebrows at each other. I think they find it a little weird that Mummy is on TikTok. Does anyone else use this app?

With a little bit more time on our hands than usual, myself and the boys have signed ourselves up to a couple of courses. The eldest and I are currently doing a BSL course, which will be really helpful for work and my middle boy is doing a Zoology Diploma. He wants to study Zoology when he is older so it’s a great start for him and hoping that it will give him a deeper understanding of studying at A level will consist of.

There are some great online stuff to do at the moment. Not only do we join in with Joe Wicks every morning but the boys have also been enjoying watching the live videos put up by Chester Zoo on facebook. It’s been so nice to see the animals up close and learning lots of new facts about them. Emily from A Mummy Too has been doing live bakealongs during the weekday on facebook, which has been lovely to do as a family.

There are so many companies out there offering support online for the children and adults too. It’s lovely to see how everyone is coming together to support each other and how we are now completely reliable on the internet. Could you imagine this happening 20 years ago?

Not many pictures to share this week, It’s not been a rather great week. hoping next week will be a little more eventful. My husband has a few days off this week, so may be we will have a BBQ or do some decorating. I am also hoping to do some more fun activities at home with the boys, keeping up with education but also some crafting sessions and some science experiments


3 thoughts on “Week Two of Lockdown – Ordinary Moments

  1. We’ve had quite a similar time to you I think and the time indoors is definitely taking it’s toll. We’re really thankful for our garden at the moment x

  2. Oh my gosh, I keep being tempted by Tiktok – is it worth it then? Bit worried it will be something else for me to get addicted to haha!

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