We need your help! Ice Age 4 #ODEONreviewer

When I received an email yesterday regarding a competition run by ODEON for the chance for the boys to be Official Junior Reviewer’s for the new film Ice Age 4 Continental Drift, I couldn’t wait to tell them. My boys love acting and are always making films of themselves, using up all of my memory on my phone cramming it with their homes made videos of Moshi monsters and Lego wars, I knew they would love to participate in this new project.

Ice Age 4: Continental drift is the upcoming fourth instalment of the Ice Age films and will be released in the cinemas from July 13th. To celebrate the new release ODEON are searching for their first Official Junior Reviewer for the film.

The boys watched the trailer again and again and spent the whole time giggling away, they loved it, Jak said it was “cooler than cool” and Joseph said it was “Ice cool”. They said was hilarious and exciting. Manny, Diego and Sid embark on an adventure when the continent sets adrift and they are separated from the rest of the herd. They use an iceberg as a makeshift ship, they encounter sea creatures, battle pirates, Diego finds love and Sid is reunited with his family. It is definitely going to be the film of the summer.

To be in with a chance of winning the boys need to get as many hits on their YouTube video of their review. The top five videos with the most views will be shortlisted and a panel of judges will pick the overall winner.

Now unfortunately as in am not a selfhosted wordpress user i can not upload videos to my blog but i do have the link to it:

The boys had so much fun doing this review, I had to delete their first attempt as all i could see was Joseph’s little bottom poking into Jak’s face whilst he was talking and then started to stand on his head and laugh, on their second attempt I didn’t video it properly and third attempt was the final one. Please could you show some support to the boys by watching their funny video and sharing with as many people as you can. The boys and I would very much appreciate your support!

Thank you so so sooo much and thank you for reading x

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-6BqJFAve4&w=560&h=315]

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7 thoughts on “We need your help! Ice Age 4 #ODEONreviewer

  1. Even if you are not self hosted you can embed the video in your post. Youtube will give you the html and just copy and paste it into the post using the html version of your text. (If you can follow what I mean?!)

  2. Watched it love it, have to wait for an email to come through giving me my username for youtube as ive forgotten it lol, your boys are adorable…………but why is Oliver not giving his opinion lol, Tier used to watch iceage from an early age, her fav character is what she calls ‘nik nik’ thats the animal that chases the bloody hazelnut everywhere lol x

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