Walkers Hoops And Crosses Review

Putting together the boys lunch boxes can be quite challenging, i like to give them little surprises and never like them to have the same all time. Joseph can be quite picky with what he has inside his sandwich and does prefer it to be jam but Jak is quite easy as long as he can eat it with speed so he can spend more time outside in the playground than in the dinner hall! Oliver’s lunchbox is normally slightly different to the older boys as he likes to pick at his food so i like to give him a variety of food that he can eat throughout the day whilst with the childminder.

Lunchbox normally consists of:


Fruit normally berries or banana

Dried fruit like raisins or mango

Pancake roll

Breadsticks and dips


I am always on the look out whilst doing my weekly shop at the supermarket for something new and exciting to place in their boxes, I don’t want their lunches to become boring with the same thing so when i was offered the chance to review some Walkers Baked Hoop And Crosses Wholegrain Snacks i thought why not!

Hoops and Crosses are a tasty fun snack made with 56% Wholegrain, They have no artificial colours or preservatives andĀ Each bag has 85 calories

Hoops and Crosses come in three tasty flavours to enjoy, Roast Beef, Salt & Vinegar and Prawn & Cocktail.

The box arrived not only with a packet of wholegrain crisp to try but also with a cheeky little gift inside! The presentation of the box was faultless, a box within a box all neatly packaged up and protecting the Hoop and Crosses packet along with a little keepsake booklet and a little Monkey!


I’m not quite sure what was most liked the crisps or the monkey! I think Oliver favoured the teddy as its cheeky just like him!

The crisp packet is the perfect size for any lunchbox and make great snacks for packlunches, snack-time, picnics or even just to store away in your bag for those moments when hunger strikes.

As we only had one packet between the three of them i shared them out between them so they all could get a taste, i even managed to sneak a couple from the packet and i must say i was pretty pleased with the flavour, we had the Roast Beef and they were very tasty! Oliver particularly liked to put his finger inside the hoops to eat them and they were perfect in size for his little hands.

I would like to try the other flavours especially the Prawn and Cocktail ones! Nom Nom my favourite flavour! I will definitely be investing in some more packets.

We was sent a packet of Hoops and Crosses to review, words and picture are of my own


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