Uninvited guest!

Oh! hello!

What are you doing here?

You wasn’t invited! Why have you just turned up unannounced?

But Why today?

Why do you have to ruin my day?

Up you pop out of the blue expecting everyone to take notice of you!

You always want to be centre of attention, “hey look at me” “I’m over here” people always stare!

Can’t you just cover yourself up?

Why do you have to be so conspicuous? Sitting there so big, bold and blatant!

You knock my confidence and make me feel like a teenager again!

I thought I outgrew you!


AAARRRGGHHH! Leave me alone!


6 thoughts on “Uninvited guest!

  1. I was half expecting a spider or mouse or something lol ..certainly not a spot. I love how you write, even the everyday mundane things appear funny !

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