Two going on Teen

Time goes by too fast when you have children, one moment they are tiny little helpless babies who need your help every second of the day, then comes the toddler age when they are becoming more independent and want to try out everything by themselves and then it’s not long before you are waving them goodbye at the front door as they head off to their new senior school, not relying on you for much and lastly they are teenagers, when all they want to do is sleep, answer back and think that they are older than what they are.

In just under 4 weeks Oliver will be turning three years old but he acts more like a teenager.

He’s got the Kevin mannerisms spot on, minus the rudeness and abuse!

When Oliver gets told off and his shoulders sink towards the floor, arms fling from side to side, his bottom lip pokes out further than his feet, he lowers his head and shouts ‘That’s not fair!’

It’s quite funny to watch but obviously I don’t show him hilariously silly he looks as he may start to think that it’s ok to act this way. He can stay sulking for ages, swinging his arms around, walking up and down, stamping his feet and mumbling away to himself. Most of the time he will act like this if he doesn’t get his own way, which can happen quite a few times a day, but others times it happens when he is told off or when his brothers don’t let him join in with what they are doing.

Another thing is that Oliver loves his sleep, he will lay in his bed all morning if he was left to his own devices. It’s highly impossible to wake him in the morning without him pulling up his covers over his head, telling me to leave him alone as its still dark.



I can pull the covers away from him and all he will do is get up, grab it from me, lay back down on the mattress and pull it back up over him. It can take him a good 10 minutes to wake up properly and if i try to take him from his bed when he isn’t fully awake he will sill just strop all morning, refusing to eat his breakfast and fight with me when i am trying to get him washed and dressed.

Oliver knows what he wants to wear as well! He will turn his head away from clothes that he doesn’t want to wear only co-operating with me if i dress him in the clothes that he chooses, even down to his underpants! We don’t bother if it doesn’t match especially at 7:45 in the morning when i have to be leaving the house in 15 minutes time to get to work. Oliver likes his sleep that much that he still has an afternoon nap of around 1-2 hours, if he doesn’t get his rest then he can be really crabby and rather impossible to cope with.



Oliver won’t go to sleep early neither, his brothers have a set bedtime at 8pm (sometimes later if they have after school clubs or are on school holidays) but Oliver thinks that he can just go to sleep when ever he wants to, mostly when i attire.

I am hoping when Oliver turns 3 he would have passed the teens stage and turned into a lovely little boy who never strops, never argues back and doesn’t mind spending the day away sleeping, Who am i kidding????

Thank you for reading my post 🙂


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