Trendy Toddler Tuesday

I have been looking into updating the boys wardrobe with some lovely bright clothes for the spring/summer. They have plenty of birthdays, days out, parties and holidays to show them off on

I love shopping for the boys as they are always happy with whatever i buy them

I love this years trend of colour blocking for myself and the boys, why should it be just for women or adults! I say the brighter and bolder the better. The boys are not afraid of wearing colours and in fact my eldest pestered me for weeks to buy him some bright green slimline chinos of which he likes to team up with his orange polo shirt. I think there clothes really do say a lot about their personalities, they like to be loud and fun, they like to be seen and be heard, they like to be experimental and they are not afraid of being different. They bold, bright, courageous, fun boys.

I browsed the big wide web of some of our favourite shops, Next and Boden. I found some gorgeous items and have decided on what i am going to be buy them.


12 thoughts on “Trendy Toddler Tuesday

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  3. These are some great picks. I agree, brights and bolds are for kids too. I tend to stick with navy as you saw in the video, but I added the bright green polo and a bright red one to his spring picks.
    I think I may have to get Little M those espadrilles – hadn’t seen them for kids before. Thanks for joining, you have great taste and I enjoy seeing that the boys are wearing!

    1. Thank you Maria, little M looked so gorgeous in your video, I like the nautical stripes out at the moment too and it’s great that they can be teamed up with bright colours. You should look in Next they have some fab espadrilles for boys 🙂

  4. Oh I love this, like your own mini Pinterest 😉 And digging that hat too, very stylish. I love putting my boys in brights – I think most little guys look great in bold colours including hot pink 😉

    1. I love your boys they are great! I have always liked pink on boys I think they look gorgeous in the colour. I used a collage software that I found online for the photos, first time I’ve used so I was glad of the outcome 🙂

  5. Absolutely love the espadrilles! I bought two pairs for myself and am now going to invest in some for the whole family as they are sooo comfy and scream warm weather!
    The boys are going to look super trendy in all of those lovely outfits xx

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