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Firstly I would like to say thank you to Medicatedfolloweroffashion for hosting this fab linky whilst verybusymama is on her holidays visiting family in the lovely Chile.

Whilst out shopping in the nearby shopping centre of Romford recently I noticed an advert in a shop window, a shop that in my younger days I used to shop in quite often. In the shop window was a picture of children and I thought to myself am I seeing right, my once favourite shop is now sticking children’s clothes, well I didn’t wait for myself to answer as I rushed through the doors of River Island to find out with my own eyes.
Yes yes yes! There in the middle of the store was rails of boys vests, t-shirts, shorts and jeans they even had hats! I know I’m a pretty stickler when it comes to buying the boys hats, they have loads and when I say loads I mean they have more hats than underwear. Anyway I don’t know when River Island started selling children’s clothes maybe it’s been for years, maybe it’s been for months but I don’t care as long as I know now this will be one of the shops that I will be stocking up the boys wardrobes with along with Next and H&M. I bought Joseph a couple of vests, both ribbed, one in orange and the other in grey and he looks so adorable in them, he wears the grey one for gymnastics as it quite figure hugging and they were a snap at £6 for the two. I then bought the boys matching shirts, I know! Their not twins and it is a bit much dressing them in the same clothes but they do look so cute together and I couldn’t resist.

The shirt is 100% cotton, short sleeved, lightweight and very summery. It’s light blue in colour and has a gorgeous embroidered palm tree down the right hand side of the front panel of the shirt. I love the detail and the feel of this shirt as it is very soft and both boys say they feel very comfortable wearing it. What I especially like is that it is press studded together at the front which makes it easier for Josephs little fingers to do up rather than fiddling about with buttons.
The shirt cost £12 and I love it! Joseph has teamed it up with his denim shorts which are from George at Asda and his favourite little trilby which is from H&M.

What do you think? Do you like his style? Why not join in with Trendy Toddler and link up your what your children have been rocking this week over at and keep your eyes peeled in the coming weekd as i will be sharing the linky on my site too. So what are you waiting for Link up your gorgeous little ones wearing their outfits.






6 thoughts on “Trendy toddler tuesday / River Island

  1. Well, as ever he looks fab. I love that your boys have a hat obsession. Ethan has loads of hats as well, but more because I love them. I think he’s getting more used to them though!

    Press studs are fab. Easy for them to take off as well (though sometimes that’s a disadvantage if they feel like an impromptu strip!!).

    I’ll have to add River Island to my list of shops now…


    1. They have gorgeous clothes check out the website!
      It’s funny because I dont wear hats at all they look so silly on me maybe that’s why I over buy for the boys, just glad they like wearing them x x

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