Trendy Toddler Tuesday H&M Sun Hat Trilby and Vests

It’s been very hot in Essex for the past week and the boys have been wearing less and less clothing, most of the time they are in their birthday suits lol. I have been applying loads of suncream to them and making sure that they have been wearing one of the many hats that they have, especially Oliver as he is only 10 months old and is very fair. It would be the first time that his baby skin would have come into contact from the heat of the sun so i have been plastering him in factor 50, I even rub it into his hair as he is very blonde.

Oliver keeping cool in the sunshine with his fan and sun hat

The hat is from H&M, you all know how much i adore H&M for boys clothes, I can’t rave enough about them. The hat is perfect for him and keeps his head nice and cool, the sun out of his eyes and is very trendy. All of my boys have always wore hats as baby’s and love to wear them now, perseverance is the key when keeping hats on them, whenever they take them off just keep placing them back on to their head and they will soon realise that is where they belong, they have lost many of hats but as i buy them from H&M and they are at a very good price I just go back and buy more. Oliver’s red and white stripey T-Shirt is from Tesco, I love stripes at the moment, they are very cool and bang on trend.

Joseph and Jak with their summer vests on

The boys have many vests and I am quite lucky that i have all boys as i just store the eldest ones away for the younger ones. Jak’s black vest was bought last year from Primark and has bright coloured trim on it and Joseph’s Vest used to belong to Jak when he was 4, It’s my favourite as it has a picture of a Volkswagen camper van on it something i love dearly and sooooo want! Joseph is wearing the Next Official Supporters Olympic Scarf as a bandana and makes him look uber gorgeous (well that’s what i think lol). Jak’s Shorts are actually swim pants from a company called Raindrops who are best known for rain and winterwear but are now stocking swimwear and summer clothing range from Lindberg, which is a swedish company. Jak Loves these swim shorts they keep him cool and best of all they double up as everyday shorts.

So what have your little ones been wearing this week, why not link up with Verybusymama every Tuesday and show off your gorgeous little models 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Trendy Toddler Tuesday H&M Sun Hat Trilby and Vests

  1. Week after week your boys never disappoint – I’m telling you, you should put together a kids look book or something, especially because they vary in age. And I’m so happy to be reading that the UK is having good summer time weather. Do you have a pool nearby?

  2. How totally dinky is that sun hat! Love it. And the boys on the ship… ahoy me hearties! I often clad my boys out in swim shorts about town too. All the cool kids are wearing ’em 😉

  3. Yay for vest tops! Your boys all look fab, great pictures!

    I’m a big fan of vest tops, I’m glad they’re trendy again!


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