Trendy Toddler Tuesday / Fancy dress, Dickie bows and Animals

It’s trendy toddler tuesday and the lovely Alex at medicatedfollower is hosting the linky this week, go check out what little Ethan has been wearing this week and also to look at everyone elses posts who have linked up with this fabulous linky.

This week I have plenty of pictures of my boys and their styles to share with you all, some are dressing up outfits, some are party outfits and some are for everyday wear.

The two eldest boys, Jak and Joseph had their curriculum day in school last week and had to dress up as someone from the decade that they had been studying and learning about in school. Jak had the 1950’s so he decided to go as a T-Bird from the show ‘Grease’ and Joseph had 1940’s and we dressed him up to look like an evacuee.

They were both pretty easy to do as Jak is always wearing skinny straight leg jeans anyhow and Joseph looks like he did all the time anyway lol

We spray painted The words ‘T Birds’ on to the back of his jacket and i Wrote in permanent marker on the white t-shirt that he wore underneath the jacket. He had his slicked to one side with a little flick to it and he wore sunglasses too. He also wore blue boat style shoes that I bought from Primark and they cost me £4, Jak loves them and is still wearing them now for everyday wear.I think he looked pretty cool!Joseph, well Joseph looked pretty much like he does everyday for school except he doesn’t normally have a sad face! All of the clothes he wore was from his own wardrobe, the tank top and flatcap used to be his big brothers which i bought from Gap, the shorts i made from an old pair of trousers and stitched the braces onto them and the t-shirt was from Primark and cost me £3. Joseph loves the t-shirt, it has little diamond shapes on the front of it. I made his evacuee label from some cardboard, brown paper and string and wrote all his details on it and his suitcase was just an old cereal box covered in brown paper which i drew on to make it look like a case.

On saturday we went to a party in Cambridgeshire and it was a 1920’s theme so out came the little babygrow that i bought for Oliver at christmas (yes it still fits him, he doesn’t grow much lol) and teamed it up with some trousers that used to belong to Joseph when he was a baby. The vest has ruffle detail down the front and a little dickie bow attached to the collar and the trousers have braces and are dogtooth material.

Today the sun was promised to shine so I dressed Oliver in a cute little vest that i bought from H&M a while back for him, it is so cute. The vest has lots of little animals like elephants and crocodiles printed all over it in nice bright colours. His shorts are from Tesco and are bright bold striped blue and red.

What have your children been wearing this week? Why not share your trendy toddler posts with us and link them up at medicatedfollower blog and lastly i would like to mention a quick note to Verybusymama and ope that she is enjoying her holiday in Chile (lucky woman)

What do you think of my boys style this week?

Thank you for reading my blog post 🙂


8 thoughts on “Trendy Toddler Tuesday / Fancy dress, Dickie bows and Animals

  1. Love the fancy dress. Can’t wait till Willow’s into dressing up – I have tonnes of dancing costumes from when I was younger eeek! The baby grow for the 1920’s party! I DIE! So cute. Beautiful boys and how great that they love clothes just as much as you do!

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