Trendy Toddler Tuesday-28/02

I took this photo this morning of my little bubba, who is 7 months old, ok so he is not a toddler quite yet but he nearly is. He is toddling around the furniture and i think very trendy.

H&M Grey and White Striped Skull Romper Suit bought from Ebay for 99p

Skeanie Snug boots see previous post here for more information on them

Tesco Pink and White Checked Flat Cap cost £2.00 (I think in the sale)

I love putting my son into romper suits, they are comfortable, soft and look so cute on. Oliver moves about so much now so he needs to be able to feel unrestricted and All-in-ones are great for that. I have a thing for Flat Caps and all my boys have lots of them, I buy them from H&M, Tesco and Ebay, I will pay up to £5 for them, which i think is worth the money, they look great on and liven up any outfit. There are not many accessories you can buy for boys like you can get for girls, maybe thats why i buy them hats, not sure!

My next photo was taken on Sunday of me eldest boy who is 9. We was having a sing song on the karaoke and he was singing ‘We will rock you’ so he went off and got dressed up for the occasion.

I'm a Rock Star Don't ya know!

Spiked hair done by himself.

 Orange Fluro poloshirt from Next cost £11

Jeans are from Next also bought as a christmas present for him.

He has customised his outfit with a fingerless cycling glove that we bought from Decathlon, they match his bycycle and hat.

My son enjoys getting dressed up especially on special occasions, he has his own dress sense and is always telling me what clothes to buy him.

I am linking this post up with the linky ‘Trendy Toddler Tuesday’ Hosted by Mummy’s Busy World. Go and have a look at their blog and check out some more trendy toddlers!


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  1. Since I did not have a TTT this week due to personal issues, I am sharing all posts on my Facebook page and Twitter! Your boys are too cool – have you seen Babes About Town? Her guys are taking the East End by storm!

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