Trendy Toddler Tuesday – Hats

My post today for this weeks Trendy Toddler Tuesday is all about hats, my boys love them.
We have trilby hats, flat caps, beanies, baseball hats, wooly hats and hats that turn into scarfs. I think I have an addiction for buying them and i’m just glad that the boys enjoy wearing them lol.

Joseph’s favourite hat at the moment is his trilby hat that I bought from H&M, he wears it everywhere, even around the house and doesn’t like to leave home without it.


Oliver at 7 month old already has 8, flatcaps, 1 trilby and god knows how many wooly ones, I’ve lost count. I love him in his little hats he looks like a right little man. I bought this from Tesco last week.


Jak’s favourite hat is his wooly one although I think it may well be just the symbol on the front that he likes. Bought for him as a present for his birthday.


I took this photo on Christmas day, all my boys wearing there hats, all bought from H&M


I believe it shows off their individuality and makes them oh so cute and adorable too!

We buy the boys hats from H&M, Tesco, Next and eBay and all at bargain prices. Hats are a great way of customising an outfit especially for boys as there are not many accessories that they can wear.

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5 thoughts on “Trendy Toddler Tuesday – Hats

  1. Awww, now this is a look I have yet to try with Little M. Even as a baby I didn’t really put hats on him. In the winter I’m lucky if he keeps them on – except for the one on the badge, for some reason he loved it. Your boys look like models, so cute and bang on trend. A+

  2. Yay for hats! I love hats. I bought Ethan a flat cap recently, age 4 (he’s 2) but it was too small… age flippin’ 4! I need to get him another one. His head must be massive!

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