Trendy toddler – Ready for Swimming

First let me apologise about my post, we are on holiday this week and I am writing this post on my phone.

As we had lovely warm weather last week it made me think about buying some swimming gear for the baby. Oliver is very fair unlike his older brothers, he has light blonde hair and I just know that he is going to suffer from the heat of the sun. He already has some small little swim shorts that have the nappy incorporated into it, which are ok for indoors but outside in the sun they would expose hid skin to too much sun. I found this outfit last weekend in the Boots Warehouse nearby to where we live. The swim wear outfit has an ultraviolet protection of 40+ which will give him extra protection to the Solar UV Radiation, obviously I will be using a high factor sun protection cream aswell.
The price tag says £13.00 but I paid £5 which i think is a bargain.
His skin is Mostly covered by the outfit so adorned with a sunhat he is all set for the summer.


The Boots Warehouse is a great place to buy Discounted products, they do plenty of baby clothes and lots of makeup aswell as suncream and body creams.


2 thoughts on “Trendy toddler – Ready for Swimming

  1. That’s one cool little boy you have on your hands. Hope you’re having a good holiday. Hear the weather’s not to great at the mo 🙁

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