Trendy Toddler ‘Me Too’

For the past couple of months Oliver has been wearing an all in one coat which i bought from TK Maxx about 4 years ago for his older brother Joseph. The coat is from a danish company called ‘Me Too’ who design clothing for children which are bright in colours and of fun designs. Since i bought the coat i have been on the look out for a similar one in an older age but as yet not found one!

The coat is windproof and waterproof, the hood is detachable with press studs and is elasticated and the cuffs are also elasticated which helps keep out the cold and rain. There are elasticated adjustable foot straps which help keep the trouser leg down and it is fully lined with a nice soft cotton material.

I love the design on the coat and the colours are gorgeous and with all the wear that my two boys have given this coat it has not worn nor faded a bit. On the front it says ‘Beware’ and the back says ‘Adventure, Bugs world’ which matches my boys character to a T as they both love being outdoors on big adventures. The colour is blue and green and where the material is so soft there is plenty of give in the coat making it very comfortable without restrictions.


Oliver has been wearing this coat this week in the snow, he has previously worn it in the rain and everytime i take it off of him he is always nice and warm, somtimes even sweaty.I love this coat and so do my boys.

What do you think of Olivers Me Too coat?

What has your little one been strutting around in this week? Please share in the comments below or link up a post with Medicatedfollower.


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4 thoughts on “Trendy Toddler ‘Me Too’

  1. Awww, he looks so cute in the snow! I love Me Too clothing but it’s quite hard to come by. Ethan had a body warmer which was fantastic and lasted him ages. His face hat and mittens are by them as well!

    Thanks for joining in 🙂 xx

  2. That looks really good and doesn’t even look that bulky! You always see kids that are all wrapped up and can hardly move but this looks really comfy!

    1. It is really light and the outer shell is a bit like rubber and very soft, I’d live to buy more in different sizes but haven’t found another like it yet, I shall not give up though 🙂
      It folds up really small as well x

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