Trendy Toddler / Come check out our stripes

Tuesday only means one thing to me and that is that its Trendy Toddler Tuesday hosted by Verybusymama. I really enjoy doing this weekly post, my boys love to wear trendy clothes and always like to find a good reason to dress up in their best clothes and i adore taking photos of them, so this linky is brilliant for me.

Thank you Maria for hosting a fabulous linky!

So what have my little darlings been wearing this week!

Like i said before the boys really like to dress up and be smart, they do have their days when all they do is stick on some trackies so they can play around in the garden but if we are going out for the day to visit family or of to a party they dress up in their smart clothes.

Jak has quite a few checked shirts in different colours and he even has one that has a tie, which is great because you can get two looks out of one shirt just by adding a tie, it can be casual or smart.

Joseph has his own style but he does like to be like his big brother, he likes to wear bright character t-shirts and skinny jeans, but some days they both like to wear similar style clothing.

Today they are wearing their checked shirts, Jak has a cardigan over his one. Most children like to wear a plain t-shirt underneath and have the shirt open but Jak likes to wear his buttoned up, even on the neck! Joseph has a short-sleeved shirt but doesn’t like to have his done up as he feels a bit restricted in movement.

Oliver has a red and white striped t-shirt on, which is nice and soft and looks cool with his skinny blue trousers. I bought him a new hat last week, i thought it would be great for when we get a bit of sunshine as he can not stand the sun in his eyes. I fell in love with it when i saw it in the shop and just knew straight away that i had to buy it. I think he looks adorable in it.

Red and White Striped T-Shirt from Tesco
Straw Trilby Hat from H&M
Blue, White, Yellow and Pink Check Shirt
Navy Shawl Neck cardigan
Both from H&M

I found some more gorgeous items from today. I bought the romper for my Oliver and the t-shirt for my Joseph from their fabulous french chic ‘Weekend a la mer’ sale, hurry up though the sale ends on 18th May.

Alister Romper Suit
Half pint chic

I have just been informed that the lovely Lovefrommummy that the Pretty.Little.Things Linky has started up this week so I am linking up this post as the theme is Come rain or Shine and Olivers cute straw hat is very summery and he certainly shines when he is wearing it.


9 thoughts on “Trendy Toddler / Come check out our stripes

  1. Your boys are gorgeous and super trendy. As for Oliver, he’s a whole lot of cuteness and yumminess in that hat! xxx

      1. And he suits them so well! You should consider linking it up to the Pretty.Little.Things linky over on my blog today! The theme’s come rain or shine and that’s the cutest summer outfit by far! xxx

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