Trendy Toddler: Baby having a Roar of a time in the swimming pool

Oliver and I went swimming today with my friend who also has a baby boy. I turned up at her house with all our gear in the back of the car (yes! I drove there) and she was waiting at the front door waiting for us with a big grin on her face. She came running out to the car, congratulated me on my driving and then grabbed Oliver from his carseat shouting i ‘have a surprise for you’, off we went inside her house and as soon as we enter the kitchen she grabs a bag from the side and out she pulls the cutest little all in one swimwear outfit i have ever seen. She had bought Oliver and her little boy the same outfit so they would look the same in the swimming pool, bless her! I have to admit though the moment I saw it i’m not sure I would’ve been able to resist buying it too. It is the brightest green I have seen and has little cute spikes down the back and on the hood. It is The Dinosaur hooded Sunsafe Suit from Next and Cost £12.

I apologise for the quality of the photos as Oliver was really excited and just wouldn’t sit/stand stillHe looked so comfortable in it and it was easy to get on and off when wet as it just has a zip down the front.

Both of the boys received a lot of oohs and aaahs from everyone in the pool but then wouldn’t you if you see two little flourescent dinosaurs splashing around in a swimming pool.

We spent about 45 minutes having lots of fun in the pool, Oliver loved splashing me and was in fits of giggles everytime he got me in the face, his little legs just wouldn’t stop moving, I think he was trying to walk in the water lol. I don’t think he understood why everytime he tried to look down at the bottom of the pool why he got a face full of water, he thought it was very funny and really didn’t mind getting water in his eyes. I knew he had enough when he started to fall asleep as I was pulling him around on his back in his floatie. Olivers day of swimming was over so the cute little dino outfit has been put away until next weeks visit to the pool.

I shall be helping out verybusymama in a months time while she is visiting family in Chile I shall be hosting the Trendy Toddler Linky along with the lovely medicatedfollower so keep your eyes peeled.

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