Trendy Toddler Audition Style/Blazer and Trilby

I received a call last week from my son’s Modelling agency, they had got Joseph an audition for a commercial up London. I was told that he was to dress in his own unique style, so once I picked him up from school off we went up to his bedroom to sift through his wardrobe in search for an outfit that he wanted to wear, remembering that he had to be comfortable in what he was going to be wearing.

When my older boys attend auditions they have to enter the room on their own, this happens because they want to see if the children can be comfortable around other adults, children and cameras without having the support of their parents around, also children tend to take direction easier from strangers when their parent isn’t next to them. Auditions can be anything from a 5 minute chat with your child, to a much longer session where the child may be asked to read from a script or to go through some of the motions that will be required from them on the potential shoot. Making sure that Joseph was dressed comforatbly was important, i didnt want him to be fidgeting in the wrong fitting clothes or to get too hot as being infront of a camera and the lighting they use can get quite hot also i had no idea how long he would be in the casting room with the directors. I like Joseph to look smart and trendy not only in his clothes but with his hair too, as he has long wavy hair hair and unfortunately two cowslicks and crowns his hair has a mind of its own. I have to constantly keep brushing it and use lots of detangler.

Joseph chose to wear

  • Green Cotton Jeans which are a slimline leg and they have an adjustable waist, which is very important for him as he has a tiny waist. We Bought from H&M for £5.99
  • Grey Cotton Blazer with blue piping on the edges, two front little pockets, one button and a vent pleat opening on the back. This blazer is soft and doesn’t restrict any movement, the sleeves have polyester lining, which keeps him extra warm, whats great with this blazer is it can be worn under a coat in the cold weather or on its own. From H&M
  • Orange Fluroscent Polo Shirt, very bright and very bold, Just what Joseph is! Bought from Next for £10.00
  • Grey and Black Herringbone look Trilby Hat with a black satin trim. Joseph loves wearing hats and this one is his favourite at the moment Bought from H&M for £4.99

Black Velcro Canvas Shoes From Tesco for £5.00. These are great for Joseph to put on his self as at the moment he can not tie up his own shoe laces.

So what do you think of Joseph’s Style?

Do your children have their own style, do they like to choose their own clothes?

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