Travelling on the underground with three young children

Living so close to London, the boys and I are always travelling in to the big smoke on the undergound, its become the norm for us. We are either visiting London for a day trip, meeting up with daddy during the holidays for a spot of lunch or attending an audition for one of the children.

London is our favourite city, i love the hustle and bustle, the history and the architecture that the big smoke has to offer. We live in greater London, just at the end of the district line and it can take us about 45 minutes on the tube to arrive up the west end.

In the summer we take our bikes on the train and we cycle around hyde park, daddy is a keen cyclist and loves to cycle everywhere, he works up in the city and commutes there everyday on his bicycle, he says it takes him just under 30 minutes from door to door which means he is faster than the tube lol!

Travelling on the tube can be very stressful especially in the rush hour, there are times when we have waited on the platform of a station for about half an hour just so we could get onto a train that didn’t mean we would packed in like sardines.
Not all stations are easily accessible with a buggy! Investing in a lightweight buggy can be good idea. Some just have escalators which can be a bit of a nightmare when you have 2 young children that are walking as well as a baby in a buggy. I make sure that on going up the escalator I walk on it backwards first and when going down I push the buggy on first, this way I can counteract the weight and lean the buggy backwards into me so that my baby will just be sitting upright. I always tell the boys to hold hands and unfortunately I have to rely on the eldest one to ensure that his younger brother gets on and off the moving stairs safely. It’s impossible to have my child standing next to me on the escalator because people use the left hand side to walk up/down and the right hand side is just if your going to stand still.
Most stations have stairs and if I can catch the eye of a willing passer by in the hoping that they will help me carry the buggy then I am totally thankful to them but to be honest most of the time I am left to carry it myself or even ask my 9 year old to help out.
Every time I visit London with the baby in the buggy I return with bruises down my legs where the buggy has been rammed into my legs by passers by that are in too much of a rush to notice a 5ft 3″ petite lady struggling to carry a buggy up the steps. Sometimes people tutt at me because I am going too slow, they knock the boys away from me and have I have even overheard them complaining to their partners saying that I shouldn’t be using the tube.

Because of the hustle and bustle of the city I try my best not to travel in the rush hour, it just makes the journey slightly more enjoyable and less stressful.
I have given the boys rules that they need to stick to when we are travelling on the underground :
1) Always stay close to mummy and each other
2) When getting off of the train always head straight to the wall and wait there for me
3) Always walk along the wall side when exiting the platform and never to go anywhere near the track side
4) I tell them where we are getting off and always tell them the stop before to get ready
5) IF they happen to be still on the train and I am on the platform they are to get off at the next stop and wait against the wall for me
6) IF mummy is still on the train and they are on the platform then they are to wait in the same spot for me to come back and get them
7) Always sit down on the train and to never stand up, that’s if there is seat available!
8) Be respectful to other travellers and not to be loud by shouting and playing loudly
9) The boys have to hold hands when getting off the train and when using the escalators or stairs

Travelling on the tube is like one big obstacle course:
First you have to manoeuvre the buggy into a space on the train
If the train is busy you have to try to edge your way out between other travellers quickly just incase the door shuts on you
You have swerve in and out of people
Then you have to battle with the escalators
Carry the buggy up the stairs trying your best not to be pushed over or knocked by others
Don’t ever stop or go slow because there is always a herd of people behind you rushing to get somewhere

Even though it can be stressful and quite a demanding journey it will never stop me from using the tube, the boys enjoy it and find it to be fun and exciting.

I’m off to London today with the baby so I wonder how my day will be!

Wish me luck!


10 thoughts on “Travelling on the underground with three young children

  1. Good luck! Hope you had a lovely time in London! I might have to print your post and keep it for my little one! 🙂 x

    1. Thank you my trip wasn’t too bad until the journey home when I had to carry the buggy up the steps at my local station and I started tripping on my dress, I know have bruises on my thighs 🙁

      1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear! I always ask someone for help as somehow nobody seems to notice a lady with a pushchair. I usually stop a strong man and ask for help! 🙂 x

        1. Everyone is always in so much of a rush, Joseph says they are rushing because they want there dinner lol
          I did have one guy help me when I was at the embankment but it was when i got off the train and there was only a couple of people that got off of the train with me and by the time I got to the steps they were long gone x

  2. I’ve always wondered how people manage to travel round London with little kids & a buggy in tow. Sometimes I tell myself that it can’t be THAT hard and I should think about taking the kids down. Now I’m glad I haven’t!!

    1. Oh you should! London is a great place to visit and the kids would really enjoy the underground just follow my rules and keep it fun for them and don’t travel in the rush hour x

  3. We live rurally but last year we took our LO to Toronto, Canada and mainly used the subway. My experience there with a buggy was quite different, lots stations have escalators and a lot actually had lifts! My OH was nervous about taking the buggy on the subway but actually there was a lot of families travelling with one, in fact it was quite the norm and widely encouraged and we found people polite and respectful of us, lots of people smiled and talked to our little one!

    Isn’t funny how different places have different attitudes towards families?? We did avoid rush hour too though as that was just crazy!!

    X x x

    1. I think it depends on what day and the time that you travel, most of the time when we travel into London it is after school because the boys have n audition to attend which means that we would have to return in the rush hour, this is when it is busy and everyone is rushing around so they can get home. It is so hard when I’m on my own with the boys, I have to be on alert at all times trying to keep them close to me so that they don’t get carried away with the crowd x

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