Transporting to Legoland

Lego encourages creativity and imagination. It’s about building what you see in your mind and not following the instructions.



Legoland Windsor is an awe-inspiring place to visit. A place where everything is made from lego, a place that is in your dreams and where memories are made.

We made a lego transporter that can take you where ever you want to go at any time. The mini lego person is Joseph and he chose the lego transporter to take him to Legoland.

We have been to Legoland twice, once as a family day out and once as a present for our Lego mad son, Joseph. It was magical to see the excited smile on our children’s face when they entered Legoland. Everything in their dreams had come true. Their favourite part of the day was learning to drive at the Lego City Driving School, they couldn’t believe that they had got their driving licence and even offered to drive us all home. We all enjoyed looking at the amazing lego scenery in Miniland, where models were made from lego bricks. My eldest favourite was seeing the football stadium in a miniature version

Legoland is a great family day out, a day of adventure and fun.


“When I’m sad I play with Lego and it transports me into a new world of happiness and creation. I  can be someone else, I can go to new places and I can create whatever I please. I can make new friends and I can create a whole new world with my imagination. Lego helps me be who I want to be. A day out in Legoland can only be describes as Awesome!”

By Joseph, 8 years old

This is our post to join the bloggers panel at Legoland. We would be totally overwhelmed if picked and promise to be honest and share all news with our followers.


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