Totally Muddy and Totally Mad

Every year our local outdoor adventure centre holds an event, where you can run/slide around in mud, wade through water and  follow obstacle courses.

Yesterday Dad and Jak pushed their bodies (more so Jak) to the limits, they both entered into the Mud N Madness event at Stubbers;  a mud crawling, adrenaline bursting, mind boggling, heart pounding, 7.5k/5k craziness full of challenges and adventure.

The Junior course is 5k (so not as far as the adults race)  the children couldn’t really wade through the water on the 4×4 mud alley as they probably would have gone under, it was that deep!

This is the first year that juniors from the age of 11-15 could enter the race, and as soon as Jak heard the news he couldn’t wait to put his name down for it. We all watched last year from the lookout points around the course his dad competing in the race. Paul done really well, coming in first with an impressive time of 37m 44s, this year he was hoping to hold on to his Mud N Madness title.

We watched; and tried to keep up with his Dad, as his start time was earlier than jak’s, Paul seemed to whizz around the course. Jak watched his dad canoeing on the lake, running up a hill and crossing over the small lake by running along on a rolled down mat. The weather was taking a turn for the worst, the wind was getting stronger and the rain was pelting down. As Jak’s start time neared, the sun was just starting to show an appearance and the clouds were parting. All dressed up in his wetsuit and all hyped up, Jak was raring to go, he made his way over to the start line



Dad walked over to the startline with him, The ground was very muddy as it had had hundreds of adults running over it all day long, but Jak wasn’t put off at all, if anything it just spurred on his excitement and adrenaline.




Somewhere at the starts, Jak had to sit on a large ball and bounce himself down a long hill and then run back up the hill to the top, the ball was as big as himself. I caught him on camera as he entered around the corner towards the lake where he had to take to the water in a canoe



He was quickly given a few instructions on how to use a canoe, and once he was all strapped into his safety jacket, he was ready to stepped foot into a canoe for the first time.



He didn’t do too badly, apart from the fact that the wind was really strong and coming in at him on the left hand side, pushing the canoe and him into the jetty. I was so proud of him and the effort that he was putting into it.



He had a huge smile on his face, sheer determination and drive was shining through him.

After the lake, he ran around it to the other side where he had to crawl through tunnels and manouvre him self through wires, over boulders and under nets. Once through the monkey madness he made his way to the water crossing, where he crossed over on a rope bridge



The adventure continued with an assault course, archery, carrying beer barrels, running up hills, carrying sand bags, and tiring exercises. On his way down to the final stretch, he thought it was nearly over and made his way to the finish line only to be told to go back and take to the water, where he ran over a long mat floating on the water.

I can’t believe he didn’t fall into the water

Just as he was thinking he was about to cross the finish line, there was one more obstacle to cross; a maze, he made his way through it and across the line with a smile on his face and half of centres mud!



It was Jak’s sheer determination and energy that gave him the drive to push himself through the race.

At the finish I asked him he would do it again, he answered with a very energetic YES!

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  2. I know most of our boys would love a challenge like this! A huge well done to Jak and what a great competitor he is, it sounds like he had a brilliant time. Thanks for linking up and sharing their outdoor challenges and fun with Country Kids.

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