Top 10 tips on dressing your child for an audition

The boys have attended a few auditions in the past few years and each one they like to choose the right outfit to wear. Clothes say a lot about a person and a child needs to be comfortable in what they are wearing during an audition.

Joseph has a favourite pair of trousers and bow tie that he chooses to wear for every audition, he absolutely loves them and if he feels good about himself then hopefully his character and persinality will shine through.

1. Try to attend an audition with clean hands and face; I know that can be hard with young children, especially after travelling on the tube in London, always carry some wet wipes with you for those last-minute clean ups. Some auditions involve trying on a selection of clothes and the last thing you want is your child to get them dirty as they put them on. Also on most auditions your child will be either filmed or have their photo taken and you want them to look good

2. Avoid wearing anything with a logo on! A big picture, characters, writing and brand names. I find that small logos are fine but nothing too big

3. A child needs to feel comfortable in what they are wearing so try not get them to wear something that they don’t want to! Remember they are going to be in a room with at least 3-4 other people, being filmed and you don’t want them to be remembered as the child that fidgeted with their clothing. Impression is important! But making the right impression is even better!!

4. Wear clothes that fit, not too tight or too baggy. Your child may be asked to move around, jump or dance during the audition so wearing something that rises every time they move or falls down will make them feel agitated resulting in them not being themself.

5. If your child is a girl then try not to put make up on them, natural beauty is best. If they want to wear some keep it light. Try not to over accessorize too, little jewelry is needed. My son always wear a Trilby hat and a bow tie but sometimes he is asked to take these off as he enters the room. I wouldn’t send him with them though as they portray his character, accessorizing is good but make suer the child can remove them with ease.

6. Wearing bright and bold colours are ideal, a director can see up to a hundred children in one day so think of colours and clothes that stand out. Don’t wear drab colours like brown, grey and black. Keep it bright and colourful, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match as long as your child is comfortable.

7. Choose an audition outfit with your child, something that they enjoy wearing. Your child needs to be confident and relaxed and they will be when they are dressed in an outfit that they have picked. Try to keep it age appropriate though! Your child is representing themselves and the agency, make sure that they are neat and tidy.

8. Keep hair neat, tidy and out of their eyes. The first thing your child should do as they enter the audition studio would be to make eye contact with the casting director and this can not be done through a mop of hair hanging over their eyes.

9. Wear light clothes and don’t over do it with the layering. You don’t want your child to be sweating and become uncomfortable and irritable. My sons always take off their coats and jumpers off first, They wear light denim and short-sleeved shirts.

10. lastly and most importantly is to wear a smile! Children should feel good about themself, don’t put too much pressure on your child to perform well. A smile brightens up your face and makes you glow. A child should be happy about attending an audition.

Remember to arrive early as there will be paper work to fill out before the audition, this will give your child time to relax especially after travelling into London on the tube during rush hour (that can be stressful for anyone). Make sure they have some nibbles to eat and a drink and a book to read, their can be a lot of waiting around at a casting.

The best advise i can give, as A mum to three young boys who all do modelling work, is to always keep it enjoyable and relaxed. I always ask my children if they want to do the audition first, because after all it is them that will be doing the work if they land the role. I always tell them to have fun and enjoy it. I always give them a huge hug when we exit the studios, I am proud of them for just trying.

I am no expert in child modelling, these are only what i have learnt through attending castings/ auditions with my boys. Please read my other post on child acting/ modelling 

If you have any questions, please do ask away. I love comments and will always reply. Thank you for reading and hopefully have helped you in a little way.


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