Toddler Trendy Fashion

I have always loved fashion, i used spend hours when i was a young girl drawing new designs and looking at clothes in shops and thinking of how to put outfits together so when i was asked by a careers advisor at school what i wanted to do when i left my answer was to be a designer. I went on to college and then onto university studying fashion but unfortunately family life took over and i never really got my break, i don’t care though as i have 3 gorgeous boys who are my life and i wouldn’t change it for the world.

Joseph looks like he has taken some of my creative flair for clothes as he loves to dress up, some days the boy will dress in up to 5 outfits changing into whatever suits his mood. Whenever we are out shopping in H&M he always heads over to the hat department to have a look at what new hats are out and if their is one that he hasn’t got he will put it into the basket another accesory he likes to wear is ties and dickie bows. On our recent trip to the shops he asked to buy a sparkly silver dickie bow, I wasn’t sure about his choice but I let him have it anyway but now looking at him wearing it he can definately pull it off, he looks so stylish and very trendy in it.






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