Toddler Eating Habits 50/365

At nearly 19 months old Oliver has been enjoying feeding himself for months now, he refuses point blankly to be spoon fed by me an just prefers to get stuck in with his fingers.

It can get slightly messy and I am forever picking up food off of the floor but with time more and more good is actually making it into his mouth than the tray of his high chair.

He is quite funny as he will still hold into the spoon in his right hand and he will use his left hand to pick up the food and feed him self. Sometimes he will use the spoon to pick up the food and then he will try and direct it to his mouth but he turns the spoon round just as it gets to his mouth and it drops to the tray and other times he will take the food off of the spoon and use his hand, so funny!

Today we had lasagne and what a mess he made but he loved it and even had seconds. It did look like he had just smeared it around his mouth and played with it with his hands but he must have liked it as he cleared his plate.



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