Toddler 19 month Milestones

Oliver is now 19 months old, not long now and I will soon have a 2 year old! He is growing into a lovely bright little boy who loves to be around his big brothers. When they are upstairs in their bedroom he will knock on the living room door and shout out their name for one of them to come and get him and he when Jak is on the sofa he will snuggle up to him and when he gets told off by me he will run off to Jak and pretend to cry so that Jak will give him some comfort.

He loves to sing along to nursery rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle, Humpty Dumpty and Jack and Jill, joining in with the actions, We have a new version of Twinkle Twinkle to sing now and that is the one that replaces the star with a chocolate bar, it goes like this:

Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate bar,

My Daddy drives a rusty old car,

Turn the key,

Pull out the choke,

Off we go in a puff of smoke,

Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate bar

My Daddy drives a rusty old car.

Oliver is a very active little boy and is always on the go, he loves to play in the park running round and going on the climbing frame, his favourite is the slide and when he goes down it he says “Whoooo whoooo!” He has just learnt how to jump with his two feet together so he jumps everywhere, bending his knees and jumping high up into the sky! Obviously he loves the trampoline and bouncy castle as this is where he can jump his highest.

He loves to draw and is always coming home from the childminder with lovely bright pictures for me, he even coloured in his nanny’s computer screen at the weekend! Oops! If there is a piece of paper laying around he will say “paper” and then go off in search of a pencil to draw on it.

Oliver has the occasional tantrum, where he will throw himself onto the floor screaming, I just ignore him and it soon passes! He also fights a lot with his big brother Joseph, they get along well when playing with the Lego but when Oliver doesn’t get what he wants he pulls Josephs hair and screams at him. Joseph gets very upset and says that his little brother doesn’t love him but I just try to explain to him that it’s Oliver’s way of talking as it isn’t easy for him to say how he feels so he uses what he knows gets him attentions and unfortunately it’s pulling hair and fighting. This behaviour drives me absolutely crazy and it can get quite stressful but I try to stay calm, I give them both a hug and explain as best I can to Oliver that what he has done is not nice.

Oliver’s new words this month are: Spoon, Broke again, Get out, Get in, There, Wow, Get up, Help, Ouch, Butter, More, Nice, March, Baby, Paper, Hot, It’s a Spoon, Phone, Potty, Oh No, kick, Ball, Hair, Done, Nappy, Juice, Bottle,

Potty training is going well considering his constipation problems, he tells me (when he’s not in pain) that he wants to do a poo and wee and he sits on the potty when he is ready and he pulls down his nappy when he has wet it.

For comfort Oliver uses his or my hair to play with, twirling it around and around, this is sometimes how I have to get him to sleep when he is over tired.

He loves to ride around on his scuttlebug and is getting pretty quick on it now even turning the wheel to manoeuvre obstacles that are in his way.

He loves to throw a ball and enjoys playing ball with Jak, where he throws it and Jak will catch it but then roll it back to Oliver, he also has a very powerful kick on him and loves to watch football or rugby when it is on the TV. Oliver shouts at the TV “Yay” when a player scores a goal.

Hope you have liked reading Olivers 19 Months milestones 🙂


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