Toddler 18 month Development

Oliver is now 18 months old, one and a half years has gone by since I gave birth to him in the comforts of my living room. He is such a bright and bubbly boy and always a pleasure to be around (apart from when he is throwing a tantrum) and he always makes me smile.

He is still on the little side but with having both parents who are not very tall doesn’t really bode well for him either, infact both of his granddads are short and one of them the grandchildren call Little Granddad. Oliver still has clothes that are 9-12 month in size and they still fit him very well, I do not buy new clothes that are of that size. If I was to shop for new clothes I would look for sizes for a 12-18 month old baby but I do have to either fold up the sleeves or the legs in order for them to fit him. I noticed the other day that one of the baby vests that I was putting him in was one that he wore when he was a month old, I guess I can get away with it as they are quite stretchy.

Being small doesn’t stop him from getting up to mischief though, he is constantly climbing, the saying ‘climbing the walls’ must have been said just for him in mind! I have caught him on my kitchen side where he has pulled up a chair and climbed up, on my dining table where he likes to throw the fruit from the bowl onto the floor, always climbing up the stairs, out of his cot – even though the bed has been lowered to the lowest point he uses his teddies that are at the bottom to climb onto and heave himself up and he likes to climb up on his activity table, stand up and look outside the back door so he can watch his older brothers who are outside on the trampoline.


Oliver loves to bounce and will scream if he knows his brothers are having fun on the trampoline without him, if I turn on the music he will bounce around the living room to the beat. He uses his knees to bounce and uses to feet to move, he knows the lower he bends down the higher he may jump. I catch him many times bouncing on my bed and on the sofa and when I tell him off he just laughs at me thinking its a game.

His favourite song has always been ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star’ but he is also liking ‘Heads shoulders knees and toes’ where he joins in with the actions and points to his body parts that are mentioned in the song.

He loves to read and now picks up a book from the bookshelf to bring over to me to read saying ‘book mummy book’ His favourite story is the gruffalo and every time that he is wearing his little gruffalo outfit he grabs the book so he is recognising that they are the same. He likes to sit down on the sofa with a book by himself and flick through the pages looking and pointing out at the pictures sometimes saying what he can see.


Oliver is starting to put a few words together that is recognisable and is becoming to communicate well with all of us telling us how he feels, what he wants or doesn’t want and when he is hungry or thirsty. Some new words that he has said this month are : Get out, Get up, Broke again, There, Car, Bath, Help, Wow, Phone, Up stairs, Ouch, Teddy Bear, Ball, Kick, Throw, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Red and Juice.

He loves to play with a ball either by kicking, throwing or rolling it, he is actually quite good at running along and kicking it around and if he kicks it far he says ‘woah’.

Oliver does a lot of sorting objects for example he will get all of the Skylander figures and line them up in front of the television and if I go and move them he will only place them back into the space that he had them in. He moves items from one place to another and back again often repeating himself over and over again.

Oliver has been feeding himself for the past few months so I am careful as to what I dish up for dinner to him, as I don’t really want to clear up a lot of mess and almost all of the time he misses his mouth. He does this thing where he will hold onto the spoon or fork with one hand and then with the other he will eat his food with his fingers. His favourite grub at the moment is noodles, mince meat, roast potatoes, blueberries, humus and bread sticks, jam sandwich and cheese.

We are potty training Oliver at the moment and he is doing really well, I am not forcing him to sit on the potty as he is only just beginning to communicate with words to me but he does sit on there when he feels ready sometimes he does a wee and sometimes he stands up and says No, we have had some mishaps but most often than not the potty is being used for either a wee or the other.

I am hoping that the weather clears up a bit and becomes a bit milder so he can get more experience in walking on the pavement plus I have a lovely little Cow Littlelife rucksack to use on him, where I hold on to it by a lead that is attached to the sack. Oliver is very steady on his feet but he will normally be in his stroller when we are off out for a walk to the shops so it would be nice to spend some time out walking with him.

20130213-232002.jpgThank you reading 🙂


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