Today you are 6! Happy Birthday Big Boy

At 12.01 today my little boy Joseph will be turning 6! His journey into this world wasn’t a smooth one, at first when i was 8 weeks pregnant i spent 4 days in hospital as i was dehydrated from being sick, i suffered from sickness the whole way through the pregnancy (morning and night) and when he eventually decided to enter this world he had a last minute decision and turned back causing my contractions to stop and  resulting in my planned homebirth  being abondoned and me being rushed into hospital in an ambulance. The birth was uncomfortable and my back was in so much pain, Joseph was distressed and had positioned himself back to back, he was eventually delivered by ventouse method, although the surgeon used it too many times and on her last try before me going in for a C section he came out! He didn’t cry, not a murmur, he was ruched off to the back of the room and as i sat there crying, seconds seemed like hours, he let out a little cry, my baby was fine!

One look at him and i was in love, my gorgeous little baby, weighing in at 6.11, he was perfect in every way. At the moment i vowed to protect him from any badness that may come his way, to comfort him when needed, to raise him the best way that i can and to spend all my time with him to be special. I cuddle and kiss him every chance i get.

Joseph has turned into a lovely, caring, sensitive little boy, he loves to play with his Moshi Monsters and Lego (which i stand on as it is everywhere), he loves to bounce on the trampoline with his big brother, he loves to get dressed up in his smart clothes and he loves to have cuddles with mummy.

This weekend just gone has been very special for him, he had a party with his friends on Saturday, on Sunday he had family come over and visit him and today he will spend the day with us at the Airport watching his big brother fly off to Amsterdam. He has had two cakes, one made by my lovely Auntie, he has had lots of presents and has been spoilt rotten.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Hope you have a lovely day xxxx


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