To me dearest little one….. First day at Nursery

My sweet little Oliver

Oh my have you grown! It only seems like yesterday that i heard your first little scream as you entered this world. You was so tiny and so precious.

From the first glance, I was smitten with you! Everyone adored you, your brothers constantly wanting to hold and cuddle you and we couldn’t get enough of you. You’re still treated like the baby, your big brothers still do everything for you. You only have to look at us with those big blue eyes with a sad look on your face and we are quickly picking you up and cudling you.

There was a handful of times that you put the fright into us with you struggling with your breath because of the reflux, but you was a very strong boy and fought it. It was scary watching you fit and so upsetting to see you being sick after every feed. You stayed small for months, not putting much weight on. I had to stop feeding you myself as you just brought it all back up straight away, but once diagnosed and you was on medication, things started to get a bit better.

You began to smile more and giggle, oh that giggle…

As you got older, we watched with awe at everything you did. Your older brothers dote on you, I’m surprised you learnt to do things for yourself as they do everything for you.

We watched with pride at your first crawl on the floor, your first step around the furniture and listened to your first word.

You’re three years old now and today you start nursery in school. You are so excited.

You may only be a young three, having a late July birthday but you are definitely ready to start nursery.

You have a hunger to learn.

Since your older brothers have started school you have waited patiently for the big day to arrive. Every weekday  morning since the beginning of September you have watched your brothers get ready for school and you turn to me and ask “Am i going to school today?”

I can’t wait to see your little face as you enter the Nursery.

I want to see what the first thing you will go to, I am guessing that you will walk over to the sand tray first. I am sure that there won’t be one activity in that Nursery that you won’t try on your first day.

This morning every thing is ready for you, Your uniform laid out on the sofa ready to put on, Your bag is packed with a change of clothes for those little accidents that may occur and your ‘about me’ booklet is all filled out.

I am really excited for you, I just can’t believe how fast the first three years of your life has gone!

Where has the time gone when you used to lay in my arms and snuggle into my shoulder for hours. Everyone used to say that i would have a needy baby if i kept holding you but I daren’t put you down for the fear of you choking.

You haven’t turned out to be needy at all, in fact you are very independant. You like to dress your self, even choosing the clothes that you want to wear for the day. You feed yourself (although you make a huge mess on the floor) You won’t let your brothers choose things for you either, it’s way or non at all!

We was talking about Nursery the other day and you told me that you won’t like your teachers, but I know for definite that you are going to adore them. We have learnt your teachers names together, and although you know all three you struggle with one name as it is quite long. I’m sure though by the end of the week you will be able to pronounce it correctly.

I’m hoping that you behave in school, no screaming, no snatching and No fighting! This may be the way that you play with your big brothers but not with other children. You have promised that you will be good and i am sure that you will, you like to please people and make them happy and if you know that the teachers will be happy with your good behaviiour you will carry it on.

I look at you and still see my tiny helpless baby, you may still be small but you are far from being a baby. I am so proud of you.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy my darling.

Love always

Mummy xxxxxxx




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