Time! Is there enough?

Sometimes I wish time would just stand still 

For those precious moments in life that you want to last forever

Or if I could pinch those moments from life and put them in a jar so that I could watch them when ever I wanted to.
Moments that are not captured on camera. We can capture a smile on camera or a laugh on a video but you can’t spend your life with your eyes behind gadgets. Most of the time precious moments happen when we last expect it.
Like the times when my 3 year old holds me so tight and tells me he’s giving me a squeeze. That won’t last forever, he’ll grow up and soon forget to give his mum his squeezes.
Like the moment my 7 year old told me that he loves me so much, I’m the best mum ever just because I cooked him his favourite dinner
Like the moment when my 12 year old looked at me with love, kissed me and told me he loved me, just because he wanted to!
These moments are getting shorter. As they grow they become less and less.
I wish time would stand still, long enough to enjoy the moment.
It used to be a snuggle on the sofa in front of the TV,  now is a quick peck on the cheek as they run off up the stairs to play in their bedroom.
Is there enough time in the day to fit love and life into?!
I tell my children everyday I love them, I give them a cuddle and try and make time in our busy lives for all of us to sit down together and enjoy each others company.  It’s not easy with fitting school,  work,  clubs and social life into but its worth it. It has to be done.
Life is a rush.
I often find my self saying “where has the time gone? ” my boys are growing up too quickly
Tick tock, tick tock!
Time is going by so fast
I just want it to stop for a few minutes a day so I can breathe and take it all in.
The other day as we was walking through a busy underground tube station in central London at rush hour, my Joseph said to me “Why is everyone in a rush?  Why do they have to push part us “

I answered “They’re rushing to get home,  maybe to their families or friends”
“I don’t think rushing will get them home any quicker ” he answered. He’s right. How many times do you see someone rushing part you in a car or by foot, only to see them a few moments later just a little further down the road at a traffic light or bus stop.

Don’t rush your life away. Take it slow and breathe. Remember what we have here and now.
Yesterday a compliment was given to me about my eldest son, if only I could have held time, made it stop. So I could have taken it in, thought about it and just sat smiling for a little longer.
We have a memory jar at home in our living room, that we add in our written memories. On New Years Eve we all sit down and pen up that jar, reading it each others memories and we reminisce the good times. We talk about them, laugh and sometimes cry. But that jar can’t possibly hold all of our memories. For this we rely on our heart and brain.
Each night I kiss my children goodnight,  each morning I cuddle them tightly and every day I ask them how there day has been. Because I know that one day they will not be there at night nor in the morning and it won’t be me that they are rushing home to be with. So I’m holding on to my time now, here and now!

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