Through the eyes of a child

Imagination. Go on a journey wherever you fancy.

Our imagination is limitless

Explore the deep depths of the ocean and swim amongst the beautiful corals and deep-sea fish and mammals, discover what lies on the oceans floor….

Go on an adventure and backpack through the Brazilian Amazon, go whitewater canoeing, live with a native family or trek through the rainforest…..

Experience life away from Earth and take a journey into space in a rocket to Mars. Discover alien civilisation, make friends with them and even maybe play a game of jenga…

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.” Albert Einstein

Imagination is being creative and showing critical thinking skills.

A puddle becomes a huge Tsunami about engulf you.

Playdough becomes characters in a story, food to eat or animals to play with

Running through the park with your arms wide open and all of a sudden you are a bird swooping down below and swerving in and out of the branches of the trees

Dressing up in costumes and becoming a hero/heroine and defeating the fire-breathing Dragon that was about to crisp the entire city with just one blow

The possibilities are endless, imagination is full of energy and spontaneity. It’s being creative with your mind and creating an illusion. It’s bringing mental images to life through play, building and crafts.

Yesterday my youngest came home from school all excited about what he had created in school for me. It was a big surprise and wouldn’t let me look into his school book bag until we got home and he could do the big reveal of his creation. I had no idea what he was about to show me, but his sheer excitement and emotion was so strong that I couldn’t wait to see what it was.

He placed his hand into his bag and pulled out a circular piece of cardboard, that I can only assume was once part of an inner tube of some bloo roll. His eyes widened. He smiled and grinned like a Cheshire cat. It’s a …. Wait there’s more. Next came out a piece of polystyrene that had come from a cup, a black plastic container with a yoghurt pot stuck on top and a yoghurt drink pot with a stick stuck on it. He lined them all up in front of me. He was so happy and proud of what he had made. I took another look at them, I noticed that he had written his name on all of the pieces of materials. He was clearly proud of what he had made but all I could see was junk, horrible I know , but it looked like he had emptied my recycling bin and just stuck some things together and wrote his name on them. Not wanting to discourage his excitement, I smiled and asked him what he had made. Once he started to explain what he had made, I started to look at the objects through his eyes, I began to see what he could.

imaage 3_opt
A wheel
image 1_opt
A black igloo
image 2_opt
A diving board
image 4_opt
A hover board

I love that he can see things in ordinary every day junk, I like how he can imagine that the objects are other things.

My son sat down on the living room floor with his new play items and played games with them for about an hour, they are now nicely packed away in his play corner ready to explore his imagination another day.

Has your child made something special from recycling?

Thank you for reading my post 🙂




2 thoughts on “Through the eyes of a child

  1. That’s so brilliant, i think life through their eyes is such a big adventure sometimes. These days I can’t get z to sit down long enough to make something but he did bring home a rocket the other day (plastic cup and kitchen roll!) 🙂

    1. Aaw, the junk rocket. Ace. My son has brilliant concentration for crafts, but you do have encourage him at first to do it. 🙂

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