“They’re ruining the earth”

I picked up my four year old son from school today and as we was walking along he noticed that there was workmen digging up the pavement. he stopped to watch them at work and then looked at me all confused
“Why are they doing that”
“Because they are fixing the pavement”
“But I don’t think it needs fixing, it was ok as it was”
Hhhmmmm he’s right there!
Then he looks at all of the mud and concrete that they have dug up
“They are ruining the earth, doing that”
“Unfortunately Joseph workmen have to dig up the ground to get to pipes underground”
He looks at me a but confused still
“Is that’s what underneath us then? I thought it was Australia because that’s what Jak says is under us!”
Yea I reply “Australia is on the other side of the earth, so I guess it is under us”
“I don’t like them digging up the earth, it looks messy and I can’t walk on the pavement and I hope they fill them holes back up otherwise I am going to fall into them and hurt myself”
I told him that the holes will be filled up and not to worry himself over it, as I know Joseph he is quite sensitive and he will think about it too much and probably end up having nightmares over it.
As an adult i never think about how things would look through a young child’s eyes, the world must look big and scary.
The things that must through their little minds.


3 thoughts on ““They’re ruining the earth”

  1. aww bless him, hope the workmen don’t stay too longa nd the holes are all fixed really soon for you, on our way home today my 4 year old saw a cat sat on someones garden gate, about 6ft high, te cat was mieowing quite loudly and Mikey was convinced he was stuck, we stood here looking at the cat who refussed to jump down but instead insisted on mieowing at as for a good 10 minutes whilst i was tring to explain to mikey the cat was not stuck and was happily saying hello, when a lady walked up and saw us explained it was her cat who was waiting for her to come hoe from work, we watched as she opened the gate and the two of them disapeared inside and went on our way lol

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