There’s a house inside my Mommy

There’s a house inside my mommy
By Giles Andreae

While pregnant with my youngest boy last year, I heard about a children’s story book called ‘There’s a house inside my mommy’ by Giles Andreae.
I thought it would be a great idea to read the book to my little boy who was 2 at the time, so he could understand what was happening to his mummy’s tummy and what we would be going through as a family, having a new baby, without going into details.

The book explains why mummy’s belly is getting bigger, sickness and talks about mummy’s cravings.
The illustrations are bright and eye catching.
The story is humorous and in simple rhyming text.
Its definitely a story to make you smile.

“There’s a house inside my mommy
Where my little brother grows
Or maybe it’s my little sister
No one really knows”


My little boy loved it and even though his little brother is now born he still likes to listen to it.

I recommend reading this book to any expectant brothers or sisters.


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