The Versatile Blogger Award

Whoop Whoop! I have an award!

I’ve been awarded the versatile blogger award by the lovely Minimesandme and in order to receive my award i have to tell you all 5 random facts about myself! If you have time you must go and read minimesandme verstile award and look at her bruises ooh painful!

Ouch! now im not very random and im not very exciting so it has been really hard for me to think of some facts but here goes!!!!

  1. I passed my driving test at the ripe age of 31, it was on my first attempt which i am very proud of myself for, but i do have a massive fear of driving. I am not sure why i fear getting into the driving seat but i do and i have to endure panic attacks every time i know i have to drive somewhere. I did blog about it last week, you can read the post here.
  2. I have never had fake nails applied. I know i live in essex so im totally letting the essex side down but they are just not adequate to my sort of lifestyle. I would like them to be nice and long but i fear that raising three boys just doesn’t allow it. I can’t even grow the nails i do have without breaking them so what hope would i have with fake ones!
  3. I broke and dislocated my little toe on my left foot about 7 years ago, it was very painful and the nurse at the hospital had to snap it back into place. My brother was knocking at the front door so i was running to answer it and I stumped it on the leg of the sofa, it was sticking out at a forty five degree angle and even now 7 years on i have to be careful of what shoes i wear as it still really hurts when pressure is on it and it still protrudes sideward.
  4. I can not enter the sea, i love to look at it and watch the rest of the family frolicking around in it but i just can not bring myself to step into it, the thought of having little fishes touch my feet makes me cringe and i like to know and see what i am stepping on. The sea really scares me, it’s the force of the waves that most people find exhilarating i find scary.

  5. I did a bricklaying course when i was 16, it was only a day one whilst i was at school but i was more interested in learning how to build a wall then learn how to type on a typewriter, like what most of the girls chose to do.

Well there you have it, my random facts about myself!

Now its time to nominate five more blogger to receive the award and pass on the joy!






Enjoy guys! x


6 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Angoe they are 5 great facts. Ouch to the toe, your brick laying reminds me of my tank driving, who dares to stereo type these things! As for the sea you need a wet suit and boots for protection and warmth then you will be in the sea with the rest of the family!

    1. Thank you!
      I may have to invest in a wetsuit all the rest of the family have one, i’m off to eBay now to have a look! We’re hoping to visit friends in Cornwall in the summer so maybe this year will be the one for me entering the sea x

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