The Things they say! Will you marry me mum?

Joseph has come out with some crackers this week

We was walking down the street on out way to school and he pointed at a sign on the side of a house and started laughing

Joseph: haha! Look at that?

Jak: What?

Looking a bit bemused as Jak couldn’t see anything funny

Joseph: Why does that house have a Car Registration Plate on it?

Jak: Where?

Joseph points at the house again

Jak: That’s not a number plate silly, that’s a road sign!

Joseph: Oh! Well why is it on the side of the house?

Jak: Because sometimes that is where they put them instead of on the street.

Joseph: It’s not a road sign then it’s a house sign!

Jak gave up here and changed the subject haha!

Joseph has always been close to me and is forever saying that when he grows up he will never be away from me, He’s always liked to be in the centre of me and his brothers and hasn’t really spent any time away from me.

Mummy: Joseph, It’s bedtime now. Can you go up stairs and get your pyjamas on please?

Joseph: Do I have to?

Mummy: Yes because it’s already past your bedtime.

Joseph: You know mummy! Can i tell you something?

Mummy: Yes of course, go on

Joseph: I love you

Mummy: Aaw Joseph I love you too but you still have to go to bed.

Joseph: When i grow up mummy, will you marry me?

He certainly knows how to stretch out a few minutes at bedtime!

I don’t have the heart to tell him that he can’t marry mummy as he doesn’t quite understand why, he says he loves me and will never love anyone else. Well we will see about that when he has his first crush at big boy school 🙂


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