The things they say, Why?

The things our children do and say can have us in giggles, i love their innocence and youthfulness. As Oliver is getting older and now a toddler he is learning new words everyday.

Oliver is now 26 months old and today was his first day in saying Why?
It’s nighttime and I am trying to get him to sleep, he still likes to drink a bottle of milk at night to help him get to sleep. He has just finished his bottle so I say
“Lay down and go to sleep now”
“Why?” Oliver replies
“It’s bedtime now Oliver and you need to go to sleep”
“Because you need to sleep and rest so you can cause more havoc tomorrow”
“K, Mum”

As a comfort Oliver has always played with my hair, well I say play but its more of a pull, yank and twist. When he is tired he calls out to me for my hair, this sometimes happens in the middle of the night which I am beginning to ignore so he turns to playing with his own hair. On a few occasions when he has pulled a little too hard on my hair I say ouch and tell him now more, this evening he decided to tell me how much he was hurting me instead..
As Oliver is pulling at my hair before I can say a word he shouts
He pulls again and shouts
“Does that hurt Mummy? Oriver Kiss better!”
(No that isn’t a spelling mistake he can’t say Oliver so he calls himself Oriver)

I have noticed lately that when Oliver is concentrating particularly when he his playing with his trains or reading a book, he pokes his tongue out.

In the photo below Oliver is sticking his tongue out at the corner of his mouth


Oliver is becoming very loving and wants to kiss lots, he has taken to kissing me quickly all over my face, saying “Oriver Kiss, Oriver kiss”

What do your children say or do that makes you smile?


2 thoughts on “The things they say, Why?

  1. I really don’t like the ‘why’ questions but right now we’re going through the ‘I want’ phase which is even worse. My little one has decided that he doesn’t like his name so insists that we call him Jamie rather than James. It’s a bit odd but I don’t mind so much.

    1. Ooh the ‘I want’ phase, I’ve had that with the older two but not yet with Oliver, that is yet to come! I quite like Jamie 🙂 We used to have to call our Joseph, Thomas as he preferred that name to his own x

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